Farm, Food Truck, Ping Pong, First Look, Rainbow, Yoga & a Prius Getaway = Maggie + Matt’s Unique Wedding

What can I say about this couple — I love them and their wedding vision!!  They were able to put all of their favorite things together to create a very unique, personalized wedding which was so amazingly fun!  Highlights included Pie Pushers food truck, two full size ping pong tables, an amazing double rainbow after the storm (not planned but definitely … Continue reading Farm, Food Truck, Ping Pong, First Look, Rainbow, Yoga & a Prius Getaway = Maggie + Matt’s Unique Wedding »

“New Vineyard” Wedding – Ally & Wesley

I’m going to start with sweetest couple ever!!!  I met Ally and her mother, Rachel, last year and was so excited to be working on Ally & Wesley’s wedding at a fairly new vineyard in Stem, North Carolina which I hadn’t been out to before called Vino Oasi (it happens occasionally…so sad I’m admitting that).  … Continue reading “New Vineyard” Wedding – Ally & Wesley »

What’s in Kimberly’s Emergency Bag?

  Ask any wedding planner why they carry an emergency bag, and they’ll say it’s a necessity!  Unexpected things always come up at weddings and having a stock of emergency items, especially those that the bride or guests wouldn’t think to have on hand, is a must!!  Here are a few of our essentials:    Organic bug spray  –  … Continue reading What’s in Kimberly’s Emergency Bag? »

#Hashtag the Big Day

Hashtags have become vital at weddings since the social media frenzy began.  If you want to see all of the photos taken by your guests in one location, then using a personalized hashtag is essential!  This makes it super easy for everyone to view all of the great pics and check out what guests said … Continue reading #Hashtag the Big Day »

Wedding questions for Kimberly!

We received the following questions for Kimberly from upcoming brides and Meredith College students: 1.  How many weddings have you coordinated/planned? Since I limit the number of weddings I take each year, it’s probably less than you would think, but I believe it’s close to 80 now. 2.  Would you be okay if a bride called … Continue reading Wedding questions for Kimberly! »

The Latest Outdoor Wedding Trends

We’re so thrilled with more than a few of these trends as they can easily be incorporated into a vineyard or outdoor wedding and align very nicely with our mission of intimate events and eco-friendly options. Carbon Footprint Reduction According to the Knot, going green and reducing the footprint of your festivities is in!  Brides are opting for smaller, … Continue reading The Latest Outdoor Wedding Trends »

NC Vineyard Wedding with a View – Brittany & Jason

Talk about fun!!! From the moment I met Brittany & Jason last year, I just knew we were going to plan their wedding together. They were looking for a vineyard venue (which everyone knows I love), they were concerned about the quality of the wine (another great connection) and they love great food (I mean … Continue reading NC Vineyard Wedding with a View – Brittany & Jason »

Italian Villa Wedding in NC – Ashley & Ryan

It was such a beautiful day at Raffaldini Vineyards for Ashley & Ryan’s wedding on May 13th!  Even though the wind was blowing fairly fiercely at different times of the day, everyone had a great time and the sun was shining down on the couple.    What I love about Ashley & Ryan is their fun, loving … Continue reading Italian Villa Wedding in NC – Ashley & Ryan »

Stevie & Garrett’s Wedding ~ Caffé Luna

              Happy Anniversary to Stevie and Garrett who were married one year ago today at Caffé Luna in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I loved coordinating their wedding at Caffé Luna because it has been one of my favorite restaurants since they opened and it was very different than my vineyard … Continue reading Stevie & Garrett’s Wedding ~ Caffé Luna »

Are you thinking “do I really need a planner?”

Just engaged and wondering if you really need a planner?  Every bride has different needs and budget ranges so it really comes down to three things:  (1)  know your time constraints – work or school schedule / how much time do you really have before the wedding to plan and then determine if you can handle the entire … Continue reading Are you thinking “do I really need a planner?” »

Keep warm and marry on!

      Cloer Family Vineyards Many people are excited for the cooler temperatures and embrace the fact that it can also be a beautiful time for a vineyard wedding.  A number of North Carolina vineyards have indoor space as well as outdoor space.  As a bride, you’ll just want to make sure your guests are happy and warm … Continue reading Keep warm and marry on! »

Say “I Do” in the Perfect Pair of Vineyard Wedding Shoes

Finding the perfect shoes for your vineyard wedding can seem next to impossible as there are so many options.  For some brides, finding the perfect pair can be just as important as finding the perfect dress, you may spend hours, even days to find the perfect pair to say “I Do” in. You’ll want to find … Continue reading Say “I Do” in the Perfect Pair of Vineyard Wedding Shoes »

Terry & Michael’s Pond Wedding

I had the privilege of handling the day of coordination for Terry and Michael’s pond wedding on September 19th in Garner, North Carolina.  The ceremony was held in their beautiful backyard which is adjacent to a large pond.  Having their wedding and reception at their home meant a lot to them and made for a welcoming and comfortable … Continue reading Terry & Michael’s Pond Wedding »

Part Two of our Interview with Lauren Jeffcoat, Owner of A Sip of the South

This is a continuation of last week’s interview blog – hope you enjoy! Based on customer feedback, which tour is the best? That’s a tough question, too, because so many of our tours are so different! I think for people visiting the area for the first time, our annual Sip Trips are great because it’s … Continue reading Part Two of our Interview with Lauren Jeffcoat, Owner of A Sip of the South »

An Interview with Lauren Jeffcoat, Owner of A Sip of the South ~ Part One

I’ve seen Lauren’s business grow over the past couple years and am so excited for her company and how she spreads her love of NC wine. I hope you enjoy learning more about her business and what she has to offer! How long have you had your business? We started the company as Visit NC … Continue reading An Interview with Lauren Jeffcoat, Owner of A Sip of the South ~ Part One »

National Girlfriends Day by the Vines

A ONE DAY FESTIVAL CELEBRATING FRIENDSHIP, FUN & SUPPORT DOYLE’S VINEYARD │ AUGUST 1, 2015 │ 1:00 – 6:00 │ DURHAM, NC GATHER your girlfriends and join us for an afternoon of wine tasting, shopping, live music, yummy food and fun by the vines. FASHION TRUCKS * SPECIAL EVENT & WEDDING VENDORS * LIVE MUSIC … Continue reading National Girlfriends Day by the Vines »

Wine education – glass corks

Just recently, I was trying to open a bottle of wine and came across something new – I seriously wasn’t sure how to open the bottle. I took photos of the bottle and then looked it up online because I had never seen (or heard of) a glass cork and didn’t know how to remove … Continue reading Wine education – glass corks »

Interview with Marcie, Owner 0f Celia-Grace

Since I recently obtained my certification as a green wedding professional, I thought I would highlight eco-friendly dresses and where to find them. I had the pleasure of speaking with Marcelia Muehlke, owner of Celia-Grace, recently and learned a lot about wedding dresses, eco-friendly fabrics, and how to secure a wedding dress utilizing fair trade … Continue reading Interview with Marcie, Owner 0f Celia-Grace »

Certified Green Wedding Professional

I just want to share some good news!  I recently received my certification as a Green Wedding Professional and wanted to let you know exactly what that represents.  I can now assist brides in making their weddings greener and there isn’t a better venue than a vineyard to incorporate green elements. North Carolina has some eco-friendly … Continue reading Certified Green Wedding Professional »

How to dress up the beer at your wedding

This caught my eye over the weekend, and I had to share.  This would be absolutely perfect for a vineyard wedding – I love this idea! The other ideas were great too, but this one definitely stood out for the endless decorating uses along with the fact that you don’t have to worry about the … Continue reading How to dress up the beer at your wedding »

How a venue cost analysis can be extremely valuable!

Now, I’ll try to keep this topic short for those of you who are not numbers people.  I find that a cost analysis can be very beneficial and even crucial when selecting your venue and a real surprise when you do the cost analysis correctly.  When it comes to selecting your venue, the best thing … Continue reading How a venue cost analysis can be extremely valuable! »

Forsyth Woman Engaged’s Bridal Show at BB&T Ballpark

Come see Weddings by the Vine at Forsyth Woman Engaged’s Bridal Show at the BB&T Ballpark on October 20th from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.!  Buy your tickets online and save 50% with promo code FALLINLOVE. The website to register is  One lucky bride will be chosen to have her love story featured in the February … Continue reading Forsyth Woman Engaged’s Bridal Show at BB&T Ballpark »

Top 5 ways to make the most out of a bridal show

Bridal shows have grown dramatically in size and number over recent years, offering the modern day bride a one stop shop for information and ideas for the perfect wedding.  More than that, extra discounts, and even free honeymoons, gowns and wedding day beauty treatments can always be found with some extra effort. Here’s 5 that … Continue reading Top 5 ways to make the most out of a bridal show »

Top Ten Reasons to Choose an Outdoor / Vineyard Wedding

The vineyard or outdoor space holds special meaning for both of you The natural backdrop for your wedding photos will be spectacular Invite spontaneity to add a little sparkle to your event Your wedding can be as elegant or as casual as you wish Sets your wedding apart by selecting a unique scenic location and … Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to Choose an Outdoor / Vineyard Wedding »

Outdoor Weddings & Unwanted Guests

Have you ever thought about how you are going to keep the most unwanted visitors from invading your beautiful outdoor wedding? Especially in the South, mosquitos are a definite concern for brides and their guests. Many brides choose to have a summer ceremony at sunset without considering the outdoor pests that can come along with … Continue reading Outdoor Weddings & Unwanted Guests »

A Taste of a Vineyard Wedding

Join us for a Taste of a Vineyard Wedding this Saturday, March 2nd.  Contact for more information

Wedding Weather Worries

With all of the recent inclement weather here in the triangle, there have been closings, cancellations, and schedule changes. So with the weather wreaking havoc on everyone’s plans, the idea of weather issues come to mind especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception for your wedding. The recent weather worries have helped emphasize the … Continue reading Wedding Weather Worries »

Vineyard Wedding Invitations

Have you ever realized that the look and style of your invitations could be the first impression your friends and family get about your wedding? Invitations can indicate the theme and level of formality of the occasion. Therefore, it is important to choose an invitation that appropriately captures the overall look and feel of your … Continue reading Vineyard Wedding Invitations »

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

What better time to celebrate your wedding day than the most holly, jolly time of the year? The Christmas season is traditionally a perfect time to enjoy the love and company of family and friends. So, why not continue the celebrations with a beautiful winter wedding? Many may think that planning a Christmas wedding is … Continue reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! »

How to balance the budget for your wedding day

Wedding Budgets Ok, let’s all admit that the wedding budget is not on the top of everyone’s discussion list most of the time but seriously needs to be discussed with everyone that is contributing. The average cost of a wedding in North Carolina is between $17,000 and $35,000 while the average nationwide is between $27,000 … Continue reading How to balance the budget for your wedding day »

Boutonniere costs

So the other day, I was researching different types of boutonnieres because just like dresses, flowers, cakes (all things wedding), I like sophisticated, clean lines, unusual yet elegant items.  It was really fun, and I actually pinned an entire board on Pinterest – take a look at how different boutonnieres can stray from the typical … Continue reading Boutonniere costs »


*Ok, so I know it’s been a while since my last blog, and I’m sure everyone knows how busy the summertime is for weddings, especially outdoor weddings.  Seriously though, I really have no good excuses!

Themed Weddings – one of my favorite topics!

Every time I throw a party, it helps if I have a theme because it takes all the work out of the party and just leaves the fun.  Once you settle on a theme, the rest is easy – the creative juices start flowing and all sorts of ideas start popping up surrounding that theme. I personally prefer a little of … Continue reading Themed Weddings – one of my favorite topics! »

Choosing a Vineyard Venue

I’ve read many articles on why to choose a certain vineyard as your venue, but there aren’t very many articles on the reasons “why” couples choose a vineyard in general. There are numerous reasons to choose a vineyard as your wedding venue, and most of them are personal. It’s where you first met, it’s where … Continue reading Choosing a Vineyard Venue »

Personalized Wine Bottles

I’ve been reading a number of articles regarding the use of personalized wine labels.  This is a fantastic idea and can be used in a number of ways for your special day.  You could give the bottles as a keepsake for your guests, organize a number of bottles on each table to create an intimate … Continue reading Personalized Wine Bottles »

New beginnings

Just as the wedding season blooms all around us and vineyards are revived after the dormant season, so too have I recently been revived.  After some strenuous years in the financial arena, I’ve decided to start focusing on the things in life that bring me more happiness.  So with the new season, comes my new business, Weddings … Continue reading New beginnings »