Charlottesville Vineyards – Additional Winery Wedding Options near North Carolina!

I usually don’t blog about my vineyard visits (maybe there are just too many??), but I really wanted to show a little love to the Charlottesville wineries.  I’ve been to the area twice now and just can’t get enough!

They have several beautiful vineyard venue options in case you haven’t made your decision on where to celebrate your wedding yet.  Today, I’m going to highlight three of my favorites.  I really think you’ll want to go for the weekend because besides loving the wine, you’ll want to stay all day at each vineyard because of the mountain views, friendly staff, and amazing indoor and outdoor spaces.

I came across the Charlottesville area vineyards when I was searching for vineyard venues close to home for my daughter’s wedding.  She lives in Singapore, and I was continually sending her nearby options.  First in North Carolina and then Virginia, but in the end, she got married at a California vineyard.  I’m very happy to say that it wasn’t because we don’t have great wine and lovely venues, it was because her future husband had a connection in Paso Robles:).

The silver lining to my whole experience is that I actually branched out a little farther than normal and found wonderful winery wedding options in Virginia that I can share with all of my couples.  Whether you’re still searching for a wedding venue, want to have a girls’ getaway weekend or a romantic weekend with your spouse that’s not too far from home, these three vineyards will make for an awesome trip!  I love sharing my knowledge of vineyards and wedding spaces that I absolutely love and feel good about when I’m visiting.  It’s always a peaceful, fun, relaxing day!

I was going to start with my favorite, but then decided to let you guess.  So, decide your favorite and then guess if mine is the same (answer below).

These venues all have award winning wines and enough extraordinary space for all your guests!!

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

…you couldn’t ask for a more charming rustic venue with modern elegance and an amazing mountain view!


Veritas Vineyards

…located a little off the beaten path, their expansive deck and grounds make for a very relaxed and inviting atmosphere – you couldn’t ask for a more peaceful venue!



Keswick Vineyards

…think formal estate with stunning vineyards and you couldn’t ask for a more traditional setting!


There is a vineyard style for everyone and any one of these vineyards would make for a unique, romantic and inspiring wedding!

If you guessed that they are all my favorites, you’re right!  Apologies to the vineyards for my lack of photography skills:(  I’m always in awe when I visit, but my photos do not come close to portraying the beauty of each – please visit their websites!!

Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, etc. or if you’re interested in any of our wedding or event services.