Choosing a Vineyard Venue

I’ve read many articles on why to choose a certain vineyard as your venue, but there aren’t very many articles on the reasons “why” couples choose a vineyard in general.

There are numerous reasons to choose a vineyard as your wedding venue, and most of them are personal. It’s where you first met, it’s where you took your first long weekend, it was a beautiful day trip and it’s also a place that you remember as being very peaceful – you were happy! There are numerous other reasons, but it usually comes back to the feelings you experienced while you were at the vineyard / winery.  Life seemed to slow down if only for a few hours and the surrounding natural vibe immersed you to the point that making the decision to get married at a vineyard just seems right! Having a vineyard wedding is like a destination wedding in that you have a private, secluded, natural setting with the only difference being that you are still fairly close to home.

Please browse the questions below and be sure to get all of your important questions answered before making your final venue decision.

  1.  Does the location complement you and your fiancé?
  2.  What is their standard fee and what does it include specifically?
  3.  Does the vineyard have an on-site caterer?
  4.  What beverages are allowed besides the vineyard’s wine?
  5.  How many guests can the vineyard accommodate inside and out?
  6.  Vineyard facilities – number of restrooms, parking spaces, is there enough work space for the vendors?
  7.  In reference to the weather, what are the alternatives for an outdoor ceremony and reception?
  8.  How many hours are available the day before and the day of your wedding to prepare?
  9.  Does the vineyard have noise restrictions in the area and do they have adequate space for dancing?
  10. Is there a discount for weekdays or Sundays?
  11. Is the entire vineyard open for photo opportunities?
  12. What beautiful views on the property will you be able to incorporate into your ceremony and reception?
  13. Are there other events scheduled at or near the vineyard at the same time as your wedding?

*This is research that you could do on your own or you could take advantage of the knowledge and experience that Weddings by the Vine has gained over the years and let them assist you in narrowing down the perfect vineyard with “The Viognier Cluster ~ Venue Selection” Package.