Farm, Food Truck, Ping Pong, First Look, Rainbow, Yoga & a Prius Getaway = Maggie + Matt’s Unique Wedding

What can I say about this couple — I love them and their wedding vision!!  They were able to put all of their favorite things together to create a very unique, personalized wedding which was so amazingly fun!  Highlights included Pie Pushers food truck, two full size ping pong tables, an amazing double rainbow after the storm (not planned but definitely unique), yoga the morning of the wedding to keep calm and centered, a rustic farm adventure, and a Prius getaway which captured Maggie & Matt’s personalities to a tee! I’ll have to admit I wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together especially with the forecasted rain & thunderstorms, but it turned out wonderfully.  It was one of my favorites because it had so many different elements:)


Maggie started her wedding day with a yoga class specifically for her family & friends.  As someone who goes to yoga every week, I can’t think of a better way to start your day which I’m sure energized everyone with a great spiritual mindset.  Maggie then had her hair blown out at Ninth Street Salon Blow Dry and arrived at the farm house to get ready for the first look.

Since the wedding was in March, daylight hours were limited so they decided to do a first look before the ceremony which was a big decision especially with the weather forecast for thunderstorms which started soon after.  They had enough time to exchange personal notes and get some great photos in before becoming Mr. & Mrs!  The sun peaked out here and there after a fairly short thunderstorm and then two rainbows appeared which seemed to be just for them:)  It was so beautiful and who wouldn’t be happy about that since the weather warranted an indoor ceremony.


The photos of Maggie are just too fun not to share and shows just how happy she was despite the weather – love the natural, organic feel!  The dress had pockets too which was one of Maggie’s favorite design features.

The storm photos are simply amazing & scary – Josh & Shelley Hartman did a fantastic job capturing the storm rush,  the double rainbow along with parts of the silo and farm altogether.  Looks like something from the Wizard of Oz….ha!


Nothing was going to crush their mood though as Pie Pushers and Ping Pong awaited them after the ceremony.  Instead of signature drinks, they had signature pizzas – The Maggie and The Matt  which was so super cute!!


Ping Pong was calling and with two tables going, everyone enjoyed the evening.  There was dancing as well, but it was definitely a toss between the two as to which had more action!  Family means a lot to Maggie & Matt and especially all of their nieces and nephews — it was fun watching them play Ping Pong and gather together for great photos!  The real question now is —  “did Matt let Maggie win?” or “did Maggie let Matt win?”…..




Sneaking in a few extra photos.


Maggie told me early on that everyone in her family drives a Prius, and so when it came time to discuss a getaway car – Prius it was…right after their glowstick send off!!


Wedding Vendors / 03.18.17:

Venue –  Snipes Farm Retreat

Catering – Pie Pushers

Month of Coordination – Weddings by the Vine

Photographer – Hartman Photography

Florist – Tre Bella

Officiant – Lora DeWalt (close friend)

Rentals – American Party Rentals

Ping Pong Tables – Interactive Playground

Cake – Linda Glover (family friend)