Fun ideas for winery wedding welcome bags

At some point in the planning process, I’m sure you’ve thought about your guest welcome bags or maybe your wedding is coming up soon and you haven’t come across it on your checklist yet.  Either way, you may be struggling with what to include, so I decided to research the top ideal items.

Of course, I know what I like to see inside since I offer welcome bags as a service and a few of the top 5 items are always included, but I also like to add in a few unconventional items that reflect the couples’ personalities or the overall wedding style as well.  Some of my favorites (for a vineyard wedding) are:

  • Small bottles of local wine – very cool if you can afford the extra expense!
  • Mimosa – you just need mini bottles of champagne & OJ – works well because your guests can drink the wine upon arrival or have a mimosa the next morning:)
  • Specialty candies / chocolates wrapped in cute little boxes are always winners!  Also tastes delicious with red wine.
  • Local items that coordinate with your color theme (love the lavender soap)!
  • Cheese – did I mention vineyard wedding… (hard cheeses travel best & can go without refrigeration).
  • Eye drops – well, why not? Always soothing.
  • “Do not disturb” signs to hang on the hotel door – get creative!
  • Corkscrew – can’t travel without one – you just never know.
  • Wine glasses – can’t have too many, right?
  • Unique welcome bags – add your logo & coordinate with your wedding colors – can be cute colorful paper bag or put your items in a wire basket, wine bag, wood wine box, cooler bag, etc.


Now, I’ve listed the top 5 items below because they are the top 5 for a reason — they are practical, inexpensive and work well for all guests.

  1. WELCOME NOTE and/or WEEKEND ITINERARY — Guests like to know what’s going on – simple as that!  Always include a welcome note and/or weekend itinerary – it’s also nice to include an area magazine or publication that list area attractions, restaurants, etc. so they can familiarize themselves with the location and get out of room for a bit.  One of my favorite in North Carolina is On The Vine magazine which has lots of info on the surrounding wineries along with any new ones that you can visit.
  2. BOTTLED WATER — I know guests are always excited to receive a welcome bag and bottled water is a must.  You need to hydrate, especially after travelling and if your guests don’t drink it upon arrival, they may need it the next morning with their Advil/Tylenol:).  It’s especially nice if your venue has signature water bottles like Raffaldini Vineyards.


3.  SNACKS — A small snack such as trail mix, wine crackers, dried fruit or some pretzels are wonderful which will provide guests with a little energy before meeting up with the others.

4.  ADVIL/TYLENOL – Another popular item is small packets of Advil or Tylenol or my personal favorite, Emergen-C, to ward off any morning after headaches.

  1. 5.  HANDMADE or LOCAL ITEMS — I love including handmade or local items which can also serve as a wedding memento.

There are so many ways to personalize and make your welcome bags fun and unique while also being useful and appreciated – don’t forget a little note of thanks as well.  Good luck!