#Hashtag the Big Day

Hashtags have become vital at weddings since the social media frenzy began.  If you want to see all of the photos taken by your guests in one location, then using a personalized hashtag is essential!  This makes it super easy for everyone to view all of the great pics and check out what guests said during and after the festivities.

Some of our favorite hashtags are #PromDate2LifeMate, #BakersInTheBarn and #SheldonSquared.  It’s popular to include your last name(s), but you can also use any fun combination or play on words, rhymes, nicknames or dates that make sense to you like #ThatOneRaleighWedding and #JuneNineWeddingTime.

Don’t forget to let guests know your hashtag & where you would like them to post.  The most popular site for wedding hashtags is Instagram but your guests can also use on Twitter or Facebook!


The hashtag trend has become so big that Wedding Wire has their own hashtag generator!

At Weddings by the Vine, we love hashtags because it’s a great way to showcase your combined style and personality!