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Many people are excited for the cooler temperatures and embrace the fact that it can also be a beautiful time for a vineyard wedding.  A number of North Carolina vineyards have indoor space as well as outdoor space.  As a bride, you’ll just want to make sure your guests are happy and warm during your wedding and reception by providing some of the following:

1. Blankets/Scarfs/Shawls/Earmuffs/Fun Hats – you don’t have to buy new, you can gather some blankets, scarfs, etc. from your family members and friends prior to the wedding and have them in crates or baskets for guests to grab as they please.  If you have a little extra in the budget, then another option would be to purchase some cool warm accessories custom made for your wedding day.  These items could be personalized and also go home with the guests as a wedding favor.

wedding blanketswedding earmuffs




espresso_vivace2.  Apple Cider/Hot Chocolate/Coffee ~ having a warm drink station is a great option as well.  There is a great mobile coffee truck that will come to your wedding which you could secure for your day.  It would definitely add a little something unique and fun for all of the guests to enjoy.  Be creative and have your “signature cocktail” be an “adult version” of one of the coffees!

3. Covered Tent – if the vineyard you’re interested in doesn’t have indoor space, think about renting a tent.  It can easily be enclosed on all sides and you can also have heaters inside to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.  Think about the winter wonderland you could create with a blank slate – super fun!

winter wedding tent







4. Fire pits are another great ideal and add a fun focal point.  A few of the vineyards already have them in place.  Add some market lights and some warm drinks from above and you’ll have a cozy crowd around the fire pit – a good way for your guests to get to know each other.

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5. Don’t forget about yourself – it’s very important that you’re comfortable as well.  You could throw on a cardigan or have a shawl draped over your shoulder to provide some warmth.  One of my brides, who was married last December, wore the white wrap below.  Not only was it stunning, it also complemented her dress very well.

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Photo by Ryan Midgett Photography