More About Kimberly Get to Know Your Planner

I love being an NC vineyard wedding planner and getting to know the amazing couples I work with is always fun!  Below are a few quirky facts to get the conversation started…

  • I can’t live without wine, coffee, and, of course, my husband.
  • I absolutely love the beach and wine tastings.
  • I try to be eco-friendly and recycle everything.
  • I love cats, but I’m allergic.
  • Italy has a special place in my heart.
  • I don’t like routine, but I thrive on organized events.
  • Between us, I love to drive fast.
  • I’m definitely not a morning person.
  • Going to church every Sunday keeps me grounded.
  • I enjoy hiking and kayaking but not camping.
  • My Detroit roots make me love rock music, but country music is creeping in.

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