The Latest Outdoor Wedding Trends

We’re so thrilled with more than a few of these trends as they can easily be incorporated into a vineyard or outdoor wedding and align very nicely with our mission of intimate events and eco-friendly options.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

According to the Knot, going green and reducing the footprint of your festivities is in!  Brides are opting for smaller, earth friendly weddings and taking a green approach in their planning.  Flowers make for an easy start – choose ones that are in season and locally sourced and then donate them at the end of the night.  Consider using a tangible item for your place cards instead of paper so guests will take them home – write the guests’ names on corks, stones or little wood rounds and instead of providing welcome bags for each guest – host a meet ‘n greet where guests can pick up items so nothing goes to waste.  I’m certified as a green wedding professional and love that this is included in upcoming trends for 2017.

Food Trucks / Stations + Entertainment

More couples are choosing food trucks rather than traditional catering companies to add a unique spin on their day and they are definitely more budget friendly. Food trucks are ideal for outdoor rustic weddings and offer guest made-to-order items.  One of my current brides is having Pie Pushers at her wedding this March – can’t wait!  Coffee and espresso trucks are also perfect to incorporate at the end of the reception when guests need a little pick me up after all the activities or to have nearby right after cake cutting.

Stations have been around for a while now but the new spin is that you pick your favorites foods and present it differently.  My favorite is to have a wine & cheese pairing with an on-site sommelier to go through the options or have an attendant shucking live oyster at your stylized raw bar.  How’s that for a twist!

Dessert Bars (translucent cakes, pies, etc.)

A naked cake basically has no frosting and exposes all the yummy ingredients inside but the newest take on that is a translucent cake where just a very thin layer of frosting is applied with the cake peeking through.  Even though they are referred to as naked cakes, you can dress them up by adding flowers, fruit and the increasingly popular flavored drizzles.

We are also seeing couples replace the traditional wedding cake with pies.  Many opt for individual pies in an assortment of flavors for guest to choose from such as blueberry, cherry, chocolate, and coconut! One of my couples just did this and had an amazing selection of seven different flavored pies and cakes.  Guests were in love with it and they even got to take home sweet little containers with the flavored pies they didn’t get to try.

Milkshakes, donuts, s’mores and sundae bars are also becoming increasingly popular options.

Wine barrel dessert table

Weddings by the Vine photoSending you s'more love

Metallics + Blush Accents

From copper, gunmetal and rose gold, warm metallics are a great way to add small shimmer for a big effect. This trend can be seen in wedding dresses, linens, centerpieces, bridesmaid’s dresses and can even be used in flower arrangements. These warm metallic especially the rose gold will look stunning with some pink blush accents which work very well with all the greenery you’re going to incorporate. I love using these shades which just add another dimension to the overall look. Very popular with save-the-dates and invitations as well!

Weddings by the Vine photoRustic Wedding Chic gold metallic linen

Shimmery Wedding Dress

Incorporating Social Media

It’s no secret that couples love to document their big day using their cell phones, so why not make it personal? Snapchat geo-filters are inexpensive, easy to create and customizable they can integrate your color scheme and aesthetic allowing guests to feel a part of your special day. A new trend that is here to stay is the custom hashtags! The couple creates a unique hashtag which usually plays off their last name so all their guests can use to post photos on various social media outlets, allowing everyone to see pictures from the event.  So you can have #MrandMrsWilliams or #WilliamsPartyof2Forever.  Try it!

Campgrounds & Natural Elements

A campground wedding is perfect for the unique, non-traditional, adventurous couple that want a wedding their guests will never forget. Although a campground may not seem like the most glamorous venue, they are perfect for a rustic theme and easy to dress up. Don’t worry about booking hotels, your guests can camp out on the nearby lots & share the entire weekend! For your non-camping guests, book a campground that is close to a metropolitan area so they can stay at a hotel and come and go during the weekend as they please.

Natural elements, especially trees, are also on the trend list – so include nature inside or out at your reception with wood, stone, lots of greenery (which is the Pantone color of the year) like eucalyptus, succulents and moss are idea and then add everywhere you think needs a little love!  Olive trees complement the vineyards perfectly along with numerous other varietals. Line your tables or just have a few scattered around the grounds.

Unconventional Furniture = Wedding Vision

Unique furniture is a great way to add character and flare to your wedding ceremony or reception. If you are going for a vintage look, furniture is a great way to achieve it. Many places will rent out timeless and unique pieces which can easily be incorporated at a vineyard or outdoor setting. The look is great for bridal party photos as well as a fun set up for guests to enjoy as well.

One of the goals in using unique furniture in your design is to hopefully transport your guests into your wedding vision – make them feel like it’s an experience that they won’t want to miss.

Loveseat with greenery   Weddings by the Vine antique sewing table   Weddings by the Vine photo - vintage trunks

Laser Cut Stationery

Laser cut stationery allows you to be very creative with anything from invitations to menu cards.  Laser cut gives you the ability to cut your invitation in any pattern or shape you want.  Couples love the individual look and is a great keepsake for their guest.  Most brides prefer intricate patterns and details, but you could also laser cut a city skyline, silhouettes, or trees.  I think they would be great for your thank you cards as well.

Pinterest - laser cut wedding invitation