Themed Weddings – one of my favorite topics!

Every time I throw a party, it helps if I have a theme because it takes all the work out of the party and just leaves the fun.  Once you settle on a theme, the rest is easy – the creative juices start flowing and all sorts of ideas start popping up surrounding that theme. I personally prefer a little of zing combined with simple elegance in an attempt to balance out the event.  So, check out the few wedding ideas attached or research additional ideas and pick the top two or three that fit your personality and style.  Remember even if you decide on a vineyard wedding, that doesn’t mean that it also has to be your theme – you could still go for a vintage or more classic styled theme.  The options are endless!

It’s always fun either way.  I have a few photos of ideas from past weddings that may get you thinking in the right direction, but once you take hold of an idea – own it, and you’ll have so many options that you’ll have to choose the ones you really want to incorporate and at that point it becomes the perfect game of creativity and planning – believe me and enjoy:)