Top 5 ways to make the most out of a bridal show

Bridal shows have grown dramatically in size and number over recent years, offering the modern day bride a one stop shop for information and ideas for the perfect wedding.  More than that, extra discounts, and even free honeymoons, gowns and wedding day beauty treatments can always be found with some extra effort.

Here’s 5 that I found to be most useful:

  1. Some businesses at the bridal show will offer discounts to brides who sign up for their services or venue on the spot.  This cuts down greatly on your ability to comparison shop, so it’s not advisable to take the offer right away.  Instead, make sure to take their business card and details, and take time to check out the offer before you commit.
  2. Attend both “free” and bridal shows that “charge a fee” in order to get the widest variety of wedding professionals in your area.  Some businesses only showcase their services as for-pay shows, believing that the brides that come to those shows are more serious about finalizing their plans.
  3. Door prizes are awarded at most of these shows, so take advantage! Sign up for all giveaways, as any gift is money in your pocket. You’ll also find plenty of samples at bridal shows, from makeup, perfumes, to tastings for sweets, cupcakes and cakes.  Take advantage of all of these and take note of anything that interests you to keep for later reference.
  4. Take the groom along with you so that he can check out all the options.  This is more efficient than heading home and showing him all the cards from a show, where he can get overwhelmed.  You also won’t miss out on offers because he will be there with you to share in the decision.  If he’s hesitant, you can always mention the free drinks and food.
  5. Stay until the end of the show.  Sometimes after the crowds clear, some vendors give away their props to bridal show attendees instead of having to carry them home.  You could walk away with makeup samples, favors, chocolate, or even centerpieces to add to your wedding-day decor.

If you have any other tips that you’d like to share, let us know in the comments section below.  The more knowledge that is shared, the more successful bridal shows can be for all!

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