Top Ten Reasons to Choose an Outdoor / Vineyard Wedding

  1. The vineyard or outdoor space holds special meaning for both of you
  2. The natural backdrop for your wedding photos will be spectacular
  3. Invite spontaneity to add a little sparkle to your event
  4. Your wedding can be as elegant or as casual as you wish
  5. Sets your wedding apart by selecting a unique scenic location and you can add a personal theme, look and style
  6. Intertwine multiple faiths and traditions in a nondenominational setting
  7. One location for both ceremony and reception
  8. Save time and money on decorations by letting mother nature handle
  9. Infuse your wedding with personality and imagination to design your event with an unparalleled freedom
  10. Begin your wedded life in a place of incomparable beauty where you can revisit over and over throughout the years

*For more on outdoor weddings, please check out “The Everything Outdoor Wedding Book” by Kim Knox Beckius!