Unique features of Samantha & Lane’s vineyard wedding

Wanted to give a little shout out to Samantha & Lane who were married at Cape Fear Vineyard in Elizabethtown two months ago today.  It was my first wedding at this vineyard and it was very unique – here’s why!
    • they were able to rent the entire vineyard which I hear doesn’t happen very often, if at all;
    • the saber arch from the Citadel guards at the end of the ceremony was traditional yet so fun at the same time;
    • the very open, bar atmosphere style reception…woohoo!;
    • Samantha’s overall wedding theme which I believe can only be described as “pineapple heaven”;
    • the very eclectic celebrity artwork displayed throughout the vineyard, restaurant and ballroom is amazing;
    • and a live painter…
After that list, I know you’re looking for some fun wedding details so read on…


Since Samantha was able to reserve the entire vineyard for the day (…a special favor maybe) which was amazing, guests were able to fully experience the entire vineyard including viewing the largest collection of celebrity artwork, walk through their beautiful landscape (of course the vines are my favorite).  But wait, they also have wandering peacocks, swans, birds and a variety of other animals and let’s not forget the toads which are actually part of the artwork but cool nonetheless.
Let’s talk about the groom who attended the Citadel and is how they came to have six cadets carry out the saber (sword) arch at the end of the wedding ceremony.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a military tradition where they form an arch and as the couple passes through, the last two cadets lower their swords detaining them and say something like “a kiss is required to pass” and after the kiss, the bride receives a gentle swat on her backside with the saber and they welcome her into their military family.  I didn’t know but one of Samantha’s cousins captured my reaction too…how fun.




What I absolutely LOVED about Samantha is that she was an extremely detailed bride and knew exactly what she wanted!!  She didn’t want everyone sitting at their dinner tables all evening and knew that her guests would be on the dance floor all night and/or exploring all that the vineyard had to offer.  She decided to have a very open reception space with only a few guest tables and more of a bar style atmosphere with cocktail tables and an awesome band to keep the party going.


Painted Man Band was energetic to say the least, and I believe her and her friends are groupies…but seriously, everyone had a great time and Jonathan, the lead singer, even got out on the dance floor and sang and danced with the wedding party – so fun!!  The buffet was another highlight of this open reception style because it was ready and available for two hours allowing guests to grab a bite whenever they wanted.  The floating bar environment & open reception style worked very well for her 200+ guests!



The most MEMORABLE part of Samantha’s wedding though was all the pineapples – her love of pineapples turned into her theme and what I refer to as her “pineapple heaven”!  They were everywhere in all gorgeous forms and styles, and I couldn’t even tell you how many she had in total.  From a pineapple aisle runner at the ceremony, to pineapple centerpieces, pineapple bouquets and boutonnières, personalized pineapple napkins, roasted pineapple & habanero dip as her wedding favors which of course had mini personalized pineapple shaped tags attached.  The caterer (Joan Skipper) even surprised her and adorned a pair of pineapples on the cheese & fruit display table with some sunglasses!  You couldn’t look anywhere without seeing some sort of pineapple joy sprinkled around.



Amanda, Samantha’s sister and maid of honor, jokingly mentioned during her toast that it doesn’t take much to make her happy and gave Lane some advice – just give her some pineapple décor once in a while, and you’re good!  Seriously, I sent Samantha a text after her wedding to let her know I was seeing pineapples everywhere I shopped that I hadn’t noticed previously:)
(WBTV photos)
Hands down, my personal favorite item was the pineapple wedding flowers that each bridesmaid carried, the little pineapple boutonnieres worn by the groomsmen and of course, Samantha’s bouquet.  David with D. Bryant Designer Group did an amazing job creating her vision!




Last, I need to mention that they also hired Sheila Donahue, a live wedding painter – this was the first time one of my vineyard couples incorporated this and the painting was beautiful – I can’t believe how fast the ceremony setting came to life on the canvas. Just amazing!


Samantha looked gorgeous too!!  Her dress was very flattering and just stunning – at the end of the night, I told her I have to take a photo of the crossed back – loved the look and the mesh sides were amazing.



Overall, it was a beautiful wedding that showcased Samantha & Lane’s personalities along with all of their fun loving guests.  Best wishes to both!
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Wedding Vendors / 04.28.18
Venue – Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery
Catering – Joan Skipper
Cake – Pink Baking Company
Month of Coordination – Weddings by the Vine
Officiant – Jim Woodruff
Ceremony Musician – Justin Hoke
Florist – D. Bryant Designer Group
Band – Painted Man Band 
Photographer – Nick B Photos 
Videographer – Blue Liquid Dreams
Live Painter – Sheila Donahue
Photo Booth – Rockin’ Game Party
Transportation – McKenzie L&W Bus Lines, Inc.