Wedding questions for Kimberly!

We received the following questions for Kimberly from upcoming brides and Meredith College students:

1.  How many weddings have you coordinated/planned? Since I limit the number of weddings I take each year, it’s probably less than you would think, but I believe it’s close to 80 now.

2.  Would you be okay if a bride called you at 2:00 am? The only day I would take a call at that hour is right after the wedding – just in case something went wrong with the limousine, the hotel, etc. If it’s any other day, then I think your maid of honor might be a better person to call!

3.  Why did you decide to become a wedding planner? I was a guest at a wedding several years ago and the ceremony was held at this beautiful outdoor garden. When it came time for the processional, the wedding party didn’t know when to begin down the aisle and looked very nervous. They were standing in the back debating what to do. I just wanted to go line them up, cue the musician and get them down the aisle and that was when I thought I need to do this!

4.  What’s your design style? My style is really a mix of classic, contemporary and industrial chic – I love mixing and matching expensive/glam pieces with natural elements and then always add in a wood piece, rustic wrought iron object or vintage item for fun.

5.  Do you have any references / recommendations? I have over 30 reviews on Wedding Wire and a few additional reviews on Facebook, The Knot and Google. I’ve also been lucky enough to receive several handwritten thank you notes in the mail which really warms my heart!

6.  What responsibilities fall on you? It really depends on what the bride’s contract includes but on the wedding day, I’m really in charge of almost everything outside of venue specific items. One of my brides once described me as the CEO for the day and that is pretty accurate. If something goes wrong, I figure out what to do, take care of it and hope that no-one notices.

7.  Have you ever been fired by a client?   I work closely with my couples and have an open dialogue in place to address any sensitive issues early enough so this has never happened:) I also check with my clients at certain points during the wedding planning process for feedback to be sure we’re always on the same page.

8.  I have been told that “save-the-dates” are a waste of money because you can just post on social media – what’s your opinion? While I don’t think that “save-the-dates” are a necessity, I do believe they help guests especially those that like to plan early and those that live a long distance from where the wedding location. For several reasons, I don’t think it’s a good idea to post on social media – (1) it’s likely that not everyone on the guest list is on social media, (2) you cannot control guests who may share all of the information with others who may or may not have been invited and (3) you’re not assured that everyone that is supposed to receive notice, whether or not they have a social media presence, will receive the information.

9.  If we are on a strict budget, what items should we cut? It’s not my decision what to cut from your budget. If you contact me early enough in the planning process though, I can make sure you have the tools necessary to plan and stick to a budget that will work for you including items that you feel are a necessity vs. what is really an optional item. I believe you should always get the top three items that you really care about by making those adjustments to the budget before you get too far down the planning process and realize things are more expensive than you thought.

10.  What is your favorite online stationery company? I’m not sure if the question is in reference to purchase online or to send invitations online, so I’ll address both.  I absolutely LOVE Botanical Paperworks where you can purchase invitations, thank you tags, etc. that are bio-degradable and plantable seed products.  I also love Greenvelope where you can design and send your invitations online – very green:).  Last, Paperless Post, is a favorite too because you can do either – purchase printed invitations or send invitations online.  I like both Greenvelope and Paperless Post for beautiful rehearsal dinner invites.  They are all great options!

11.  Do the North Carolina vineyards allow alcohol in addition to their wine to be served at the wedding? I would have to say that probably 97% do not allow alcohol, but there are a few on my list that have a full ABC license which is really nice if you want to have a signature cocktails and/or an open bar.

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