We went to Kimberly right from the start because we knew we wanted a vineyard wedding, but didn’t really know much more about cost, location, etc. She has so much experience and offers tailored packages based on couples’ needs. We got a vineyard venue selection that basically pays for itself! The cost of her working through budget basics, lining up visits, and following through with contracts was invaluable (plus, most vineyards give you a discount if you work with a planner that covers this cost)! She set up 5 visits for us on a Saturday- and we weren’t even going to go to the last one, but she had set it up so we went and totally fell in love! We ended up getting married there 6 weeks ago!!!
She also worked as our “day of” coordinator- but really checked in throughout the planning process, making sure we got our contracts in line and reading over everything before we signed. She went to work full steam about a month before the actual day to really ensure everything was in order. She’s crazy organized- which is EXACTLY what you want in a coordinator- I didn’t have to think about a single thing on my wedding day because I knew Kimberly was already 3 steps ahead! I would recommend Kimberly to anyone getting married!