Suzette & Michael

Kimberly’s attention to detail was impeccable. She truly was the rock during the planning process and was the serenity and peacefulness the day of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, we were fighting rain and cloudy weather and were really up in the air about which plan to execute, she really handled the delicate situation with flair and created a beautiful wedding atmosphere for all to enjoy! Not only did we get an amazingly planned event with a top notch professional, we made a lifelong friendship.

We were simply amazed at how Kimberly made our wedding ceremony and reception details seem so effortless. Looking back on it all, we were able to focus on us and enjoy our wedding day as a result of Kimberly’s knowledge and expertise with wedding planning. Her approach was welcoming and made it easy to communicate how we envisioned our wedding day. My husband and I began planning our vineyard wedding and found that we were having difficulty pulling all the pieces together to meet our specific vision on/under budget. We had not planned on a wedding coordinator to see our event through but it became increasing evident that we needed meticulous attention to detail as we drew closer to our wedding date and fortunate for us, Kimberly stepped in at the right time to assist us and guide us every step of the way. Our only regret is that we did not have Kimberly help plan our wedding from the very beginning! Not being familiar with the expansive NC wine region proved to be a challenge for us whereas Kimberly’s expertise in NC vineyards/venues could have helped us early on in making smarter choices to fit both our vision and our budget. Kimberly’s contacts and knowledge of area vendors for catering, flowers, music, etc. proved to be very helpful. She was very instrumental in maintaining the vision for our wedding and not easily distracted by any problems that had arisen along the way. I could always count on her to come up with solutions and suggestions to overcome any obstacles. She absolutely exceeded all expectations that my husband and I could have ever hoped for in a wedding planner!