Wedding Weather Worries

With all of the recent inclement weather here in the triangle, there have been closings, cancellations, and schedule changes. So with the weather wreaking havoc on everyone’s plans, the idea of weather issues come to mind especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception for your wedding. The recent weather worries have helped emphasize the importance of having an alternate rain plan for any outdoor event.  Below are a few feasible options:

  • Talk to your venue coordinator to see if there is already an alternate plan in place and ask if there is an additional charge if you need to use that option
  • Consider renting a tent or canopy to ensure an option if the venue doesn’t have an alternate plan or space
  • Check with the venue to see if there are any outdoor shelters on the grounds that could be decorated as an alternative site
  • Consider investing in umbrellas for you guests in case of a light sprinkling or drizzle – they can even be decorative or in a color that coordinates with your theme
  • Try to devise a simple rearrangement plan to turn your covered reception area into a viable space for your ceremony also

In all, try to remember to not to let bad weather dampen your spirit, stay positive, and make the most of your wedding day. There are even great photo options for rainy weather. You can easily incorporate a cute umbrella and pair of rain boots for a fun and memorable photo.

umbrella photo 2nd umbrella photo