What’s in Kimberly’s Emergency Bag?


Ask any wedding planner why they carry an emergency bag, and they’ll say it’s a necessity!  Unexpected things always come up at weddings and having a stock of emergency items, especially those that the bride or guests wouldn’t think to have on hand, is a must!!  Here are a few of our essentials:   

  1. Organic bug spray  –  bug spray is a necessity at outdoor weddings, but with all the other wedding to-do’s taking place, it’s easy to forget.  Insects are always out and about even on your big day, so make sure that you and your guests aren’t bothered before you say, “I do!”  My go-to favorite is Just Neem:)
  2. Tea lights and a lighter  –  tea lights are essential because they always seem to burn out right before you want them to. They also come in handy to enhance cocktail tables and centerpieces at the last minute!
  3. Command strips –  venues are very picky about what you are allowed to hang, and tape is a big “no-no!” These strips are great because they allow you to hang décor with ease and without damage.
  4. Portable speaker (wireless/battery powered) – it may seem odd but believe me if the power goes out, you’ll want music so the party can keep going.  A portable speaker can connect to any iPhone in a pinch!
  5. Chalk – chalkboard signs are very popular at outdoor weddings to direct/inform guests in a cute, simple manner but sometimes during transporting, they get scuffed or messed up – a little extra chalk and a steady hand is very useful in making corrections and adding a few finishing touches.

                         ….the list goes on and on with batteries, floral pins, Advil and of course, a corkscrew

As always, we’d love to help as you prepare for your next outdoor event!