Wine education – glass corks

Just recently, I was trying to open a bottle of wine and came across something new – I seriously wasn’t sure how to open the bottle. I took photos of the bottle and then looked it up online because I had never seen (or heard of) a glass cork and didn’t know how to remove it from the bottle. This bottle came in one of my wine club shipments from California. A note would have been very helpful at that point. Hence, wine education topic.

glass corks_5

After researching, glass stoppers have actually been around for a few years now, so I really quite embarrassed that I’m just finding out about this now… They are actually very nice stoppers and recyclable which I love!! You can also re-use them if you don’t drink all of the wine in one sitting — who does that anyway?

Next time you open a bottle and before you get the corkscrew, you may want to check what is underneath the foil wrap. It’s actually very easy to open too, just flick it off (similar to opening champagne without the fun “pop” noise).

glass cork_6

Happy hunting as for some reason they are not very popular even though by all reports are actually better than the regular and synthetic corks!

Check out Wine Spectator and Wikipedia for additional interesting info/comments.